Our clay tiles have a very unique characteristic, given the tiles are made out of fired clay, no two tiled floors look alike. Individual pieces will vary from a light terracotta colour to dark brown depending on their placement in the kiln and the soil used in the mix.

Quarry tiles add beauty and warmth to any room due to their earthen properties and are a favourite to use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and on the veranda. These homegrown tiles offer you an economic, low maintenance, durable and eco-friendly solution for all areas of your home.

Clay tiles have a high thermal mass which means that they absorb and stock heat when the ambient temperature is warmer than the tile and then gradually release that warmth when the temperature drops. This invaluable benefit serves as a natural temperature control method in your home and balances the daily temperature fluctuations. Another benefit of clay tiles is the ability to absorb sounds and echoes, offering a pleasant environment, especially in guest areas.

We manufacture tiles of various sizes for walls, floors, and skirtings. We are also happy to listen to your needs and designs should you require customized items.

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Floor tiles

The floor tiles that we offer are available in three sizes; 6″, 8″ and 10″ and are suitable for any floor area inside and outside your home. The 8″ tile, being the most popular, is the ideal size to use throughout your home as it boats a well balanced perspective to each room through its size and design.


The skirtings that we offer are available in two sizes; 8″ and 10″ to complement our tile sizes. A skirting is used most commonly to cover the area where the floor and wall meet, as well as to offer protection and can serve as an attractive feature in the room.

Wall tiles

The wall tiles that we offer are available in two sizes; 4″ and 8″ and are the perfect solution to use on your kitchen counter or backsplash, shower walls or as a feature which boasts astounding aesthetic effects.

Items are named after the size of the mold in which they are produced. The tiles will invariably shrink during the drying and firing process. The number of pieces per square meter is measured for laid tiles considering one centimetre joints.

Prices include 18% VAT
Item cmpcs/sqmprice/sqm

Floor Tiles

16x1641Tsh 52,000/=
18x1830Tsh 48,000/=
24x2417Tsh 52,000/=

Wall Tiles

10x10109Tsh 95,000/=
18x1055Tsh 88,000/=


18x105.5Tsh 9,000/=
24x104Tsh 12,000/=

Items are named after the size of the mold in which they are produced. The tiles will invariably shrink during the drying and firing process. The number of pieces per square meter is measured for laid tiles considering one centimetre joints.

Payment and Delivery

Once a pro-forma has been issued for your enquiry, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your order. The final lead time will then be provided and manufacturing will begin (unless stock is available). Final payment can be made before or on collection of your products at our Sales Office or via bank deposit.

Earth Products can arrange deliveries in and around the Arusha region at affordable prices, depending on the distance. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to help you.

Our products are manufactured using clay subsoil and sand from neighboring villages, which are refined and mixed in water by foot in precise proportions for strong binding.

Tiles are created by pressing the mix into molds by hand and are then laid flat on mesh trays for a prolonged and uniform drying. Once dried throughout, the tiles are finished by hand to produce a strong, durable, and smooth surface. Finally the tiles are packed and fired over 6 days in custom made kilns.

The manufacturing process can take 5 to 6 weeks (depending on the order size and demand) and is closely monitored by the team as humidity and temperatures play a crucial role in the process to avoid cracks in the final product.

Quarry tiles are laid in a cement and sand mortar. The tiles are soaked in water before being set. A space of about 3cm is required from base to floor surface for proper laying.

Typically set in a square or diagonal design, many combinations are possible in creating beautiful patterns, and supported with a full range of fittings, giving your house a unique finish.

The advantages of quarry tiles are endless. These products are easy to clean the daily grime using either general floor products or simply wash them with soap water and a mop. They are non-slip and water resistant when they are wet or dry, making these tiles the ideal option for the kitchen, bathrooms, utility room and verandas.

Please note: Rinse tiles abundantly with water and a bit of a scrub during the first 1 or 2 weeks after laying. This step is critical in removing cement and mineral residue. The tile surface will be affected by continuous runoff water, resulting is possible erosion. Please take precautionary measures in areas with gutters and the like.

We recommend the use of Fantastik floor polish on our tiles to help protect them against scratches, marks and stains. This global sealant is available in a 1 litre or 5 litre bottle. For more information please contact us.