How to install Skirting/Wall tiles Skirting/Wall tiles:

mortar – cement only

grout  – cement only


  1. Chip the wall slightly to ensure bonding.

  2. Lay a grid with strings to mark the area; do not lay them like normal ceramic tiles or use spacers (grid is not required for skirting).

  3. Sieve the sand.

  4. Soak the tiles/skirting.

  5. Prepare the mortar.

  6. Lay the major axes from side to side.

  7. Fill the area in between (of a section no more than a couple of square meters at a time).

  8. Tap each corner softly with a rubber mallet to ensure even installation and bonding.

  9. Prepare the grout.

  10. Complete the grout line (of the section completed).

  11. Wash completed section sufficiently with water.

Should your wall be wooden, nail in wire and continue from step 2.


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