How to install clay tiles

Floor tiles: Living areas

mortar ratio  – 1:4 (1 bag cement: 2 wheelbarrow sand)

grout ratio    – 1:2 (1 bag cement: 1 wheelbarrow sand)

Floor tiles: Wet areas

mortar ratio  – 1:3 (1 bag cement: 1.5 wheelbarrow sand)

grout ratio    – 1:2 (1 bag cement: 1 wheelbarrow sand)


Clay tiles are laid in a cement and sand mortar . The sand needs to be sieved before preparing the mortar. The tiles are soaked in water before being set for around 10 minutes. A space of about 3cm is required from base to floor surface for proper laying and a 1cm grout line from tile to tile. The grout ratio of 1:2.


It is essential to first lay a grid with strings; do NOT lay them like normal ceramic tiles or use spacers. First lay the major axes from wall to wall, and then fill the spaces in between. If the base is smooth, chipping may be required to ensure sufficient bonding between the floor and tiles. Should the floor surface be wooden, first lay plastic on the floor and nail in wire over it. Then continue to follow the steps mentioned above.


Typically set in a square or diagonal design, many combinations are possible in creating beautiful patterns, and supported with a full range of fittings, giving your house a unique finish.


Installation Video


  1. Chip the floor if required.

  2. Lay a grid with strings in the subject area; do not use spacers.

  3. Sieve the sand.

  4. Soak the tiles.

  5. Prepare the mortar.

  6. Lay the major axes from wall to wall.

  7. Fill the area in between (of a section no more than a couple of square meters at a time).

  8. Prepare the grout.

  9. Complete the grout line (of the section completed).

  10. Wash completed section sufficiently with water.

  11. Continue step 3 to 9 for remaining area.

We advise to complete both the mortar and grout line in sections, finishing off with a wash before ending the day.

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