Earth Products is a company founded on the belief that Tanzania has an abundance of resources at its disposal to enable the manufacture and supply of locally produced building materials, such as handmade clay tiles for floor and wall coverings.

The Earth Products concept is different from traditional building material manufacturers and products. It is based on the vision of sustainability, which emphasizes “thinking global while acting local.”

Our goal is to increase awareness of this homegrown industry and reduce the reliance on imported building materials. As our main market is the hospitality and construction industries, we take pride in providing them with quality durable tiles.

We strive to design product lines which are handmade, using local materials, as well as employ and train local human resources and craftsmen.

In 2010, Alexis and Kyle (Directors – K2 Properties) stumbled upon Clay Products, a derelict workshop at the back of their home. Although a going concern, the directors foresaw great potential for growth and diversification. They thought it would be an exciting opportunity to explore as a side business; rebranding it as Earth Products.

Once the project was in their hands, they spent much time and effort improving the cracks and quality of the product by standardizing operations, increasing efficiency and consistency and improving the drying system.  The team was retained and trained on new procedures and a Manager was put in place.

All these developments changed the credibility of the products and once the company was re-launched the business started growing successfully.

Today, K2 Properties continues to invest in research and development of other product lines that fit within the same Earth Products concept. Some which have been explored such as pottery, stone masonry and furniture have proven to be a success thus far and there are many more prototypes underway.

Our team is small, yet full of life and passionate about what they do. They each bring their unique skills, positive energy and dedication to the workshop, and hand craft products that define perfection.

Earth Products takes pride in providing fare wages, benefits, and other perks to its employees. Our team has grown rapidly from 3 in its beginning to over 14 and counting. Members of the team specialise in areas such as preparing the raw materials, molding tiles, monitoring the drying process and finishing, as well as packing and firing the kilns.

Our team works hand in hand with local expert craftsmen for installation and assist each other wherever necessary to meet deadlines. The full system is supported by our Sales and Operations head office in Usa River.